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Pre-season Lawn Mower Preparation

As the winter season ends and the grass begins to grow, homeowners are going to want to be ready to start cutting come spring season! A healthy lawn is a lawn that is well maintained, and cutting the grass is one of the most important lawn care practices to stay on top of. Ask yourself this question. "Is my lawn mower ready for the season?" If not, then give Freesate Mower Repair a call and we'll come to you with a pre-season tune up! Not sure if your mower is ready? You can find out simply by dusting it off, pulling it out of the shed, and starting it up. Any potential issues that may cause you from getting your lawn mowed will become present.

My Lawn Mower is not Starting!

Before a lawn mower is put into storage, fuel treatment is recommended in order to help fuel stay ripe longer. One of the most common reasons lawn mowers will not start after the winter season is because of old or stale fuel. When gas becomes stale, fuel evaporation takes place and causes deposits in the carburetor. In order to fix this issue, you'll need to drain the old gas our of the tank, flush the tank and carburetor, run some carburetor cleaner through, and fill it back up with fresh gas. If you're unsure how to do this, give us a call! We'll gladly help!

Another starting issue has to do with old spark plugs. If your spark plug has fuel deposits or cracks in the body, then chances are it's not functioning properly. You can use a spark plug tester as a second way to check. If you're finding that your spark plug is not producing spark, then replacing it is your best move. Airflow to the spark plug can also be a potential issue. Not sure how to check for a faulty spark plug or compression issues? No problem, Freestate Mower Repair will do it for you! One other thing you may want to try is replacing the battery. When a battery sits for an extended period of time, it loses its ability to maintain electricity - which can lead to starting problems.

A third potential issue can be the air-to-fuel ratio. Any issues with this ratio can cause the engine to suffocate. A suffocated engine results in starting issues. Maneuver the choke from open to close a few times to see if the choke was stuck closed. A closed choke strangles the engine and keeps airflow from making its way to the engine. Call us today if you'd like our help on-site!

Lastly, the condition of a your lawn mower's belt can play a huge role in starting. If a belt becomes old and worn, or an old and worn belt becomes dry-rotted, this can cause it to snap. This typically happens when a lawn mower has been sitting for a long period of time without use. Unfortunately there's no way to revive a snapped belt. However, we can come replace your belt for you fast and conveniently!

My Lawn Mower is not Cutting Well!

If you're experiencing inconsistent or difficult cutting, then the first thing you'll want to do is check the condition of your lawn mower blades! Either the blades are extremely dull, or they are worn out from many seasons of use. To fix this issue, you'll have to get your lawn mower blade sharpened or replaced - depending on the condition. We provide on-site blade sharpening and blade repairing for your convenience!

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