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Lawn Mower Maintenance

A Guide to Keeping Your Mower Maintained For Life.

Choosing to purchase a lawn mower can be a pricey investment. It’s important to take proper care of your new lawn mower so it can last a lifetime. Nobody wants to buy a brand new lawn mower every few years and with proper maintenance, you won’t have to. You can also avoid expensive service bills by practicing basic care and routine maintenance.

Free State Mower Repair has gathered the essential tips for lawn mower maintenance below. Be sure to give us a call or stop by our dealership in Lothian, MD near West River, Hardwood, and Annapolis today!

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Basic Care

If you have a commercial lawn mower, you’ll need to get familiar with the many fittings that need to be regularly greased to prevent them from rubbing together and wearing out. Depending on your model type, the number of fittings can range anywhere from 10 to 20. If you haven’t used your lawn mower in a full year, you may want to consider bringing it in for service to have the oil and filters changed. We often leave our machines to collect dust during the off-season so it’s important to get them back in good condition before use. 

Check with your owner’s manual to determine how often your mower needs to go in for service. The manual can offer some pretty helpful tips to try on your own as well. Many times, a small issue can be solved by consulting your owner’s manual.

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It’s vital that you use the correct fuel for your mower as it will determine the longevity of various engine components and keep it running in good condition for longer. Don’t use fuel that contains over 10% ethanol. If you won’t be using your lawn mower during winter, add fuel stabilizer to the tank. This will prevent separation. Keep in mind if you leave fuel in a tank too long without stabilizer, the engine will suck up the water and this could lead to corrosion or other damage.


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Be sure to keep your mower under the cover of a roof every night because leaving it out risks exposure to the elements, which can lead to some serious damage. For example, one night of rain on your mower can cause harmful rust. In addition, you should always dry your mower before putting it away so you can remove any excess water.

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If you notice that your mower stops cutting evenly, check the tire pressure. Uneven pressure can result in the deck being tilted, which will make for jagged cuts to your lawn. Maintaining proper tire pressure is crucial to prolonging your lawn mower’s lifespan. Keep in mind that tires and other parts are less likely to wear out if they’re properly maintained and balanced.

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Your deck can become obstructed with grass clipping and mulch as time goes on. Due to water and mud, this type of residue can harden and become stubborn when trying to remove it and will damage your mower over time. If you clean your deck regularly, you’ll prevent buildup and subsequent wear and tear to your mower’s undercarriage. This will also save you from having to replace belts and other broken parts.

If you take the time to learn about your mower and how to maintain it, you’ll be well on your way to a long-lasting machine. Once you develop a regular schedule, maintenance will seem like a breeze. Give us a call or visit us at Free State Lawn & Power in Lothian, MD near West River, Hardwood, and Annapolis for all your repair and maintenance needs!

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