Residential Service & Repairs

   Lawn Mower Parts in Lothian, MD

Residential Service & Repairs

We repair Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Pressure Washers, Chainsaws, Generators, Tillers, Zero Turn Mowers, Lawn Tractors and more. On-site Service for all of Central Maryland. Call us today, (410) 867-2535. 

Your Mobile Power Equipment Repair Company!

It's stressful enough when your lawn mower, snowblower, or other power equipment products break down. To add to it, figuring out how to transport your equipment to the nearest local repair shop can make it more of a hassle. Not to mention, you're stuck waiting for slower turnaround times. At Freestate Mower Repair, we offer an option that mixes quality with convenience!

Freestate Mower Repair is your Maryland local repair company that comes to you for all repairs! That's right! From routine maintenance and tune ups, to all major and minor repairs, we come to you and do all the repairing on site! No more struggling to transport your equipment and having to wait weeks at a time for your repairing to be completed - contact us today for an appointment!

Contact us at (410) 867-2535 to schedule an appointment!

By choosing Freestate Mower Repair, you'll pay for an inspection when you've requested an inspection, and repairing when you've requested repairing! You'll never pay for both an inspection fee and repairing fee!

To learn more about our services offered, please select the specific service below! If you're looking for information concerning routine maintenance and tune ups, select the tune ups/maintenance widget. For all other minor/major repairs, select the unit that you wish to request a service for!

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