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Snowblower Starting Problems & Solutions

From Freestate Mower Repair of Maryland

There's nothing worse than your snowblower breaking in the middle of a large snow storm. Frustration can make diagnosing the issue more of a headache. Freestate Mower Repair would like to offer our expert advise as a reference to you so that you can find the remedy for your snowblower issues and get back to clearing out snow before it piles up too much! The most common issue with snowblowers is starting. There are a few different potential reasons why a snowblower may not start. Take a look below at three causes of starter problems. If you're still getting stuck give us a call for questions or to schedule a service.

Snowblower Fuel Gauge


One way starting issues are caused is old gas. When gas becomes stale, fuel evaporation takes place and more times than others, causes deposits in your carburetor. Though they make fuel stabilizers to help with this starting issue, they act more like band aids - if they work at all. To correctly treat this issue, empty the gas tank out. Draining the carburetor will clear out most of the fuel deposits. To take care of any leftover deposits, throw some carburetor cleaner in there. Once the fuel tank has been drained and the carburetor emptied and clean, put everything back together and add some fresh gas. Prime the engine and check the fuel shutoff switch. If you are unsure how to do this, give us a call and we will come to you and do it for you!

Snowblower Spark Plug

Spark Plugs

Similar to a automobile, spark plugs in snowblowers can get old or dirty and create spark issues. Remove the spark plug from your snowblower and inspect it's condition. Thing to look for include fuel deposits or cracks in the body of the plug. You can also check to see if the spark plug is working properly using a spark plug tester. If you find that the spark plug isn't getting good spark, then replace it with a new one. If that doesn't fix your starting issue, then test the air flow to the spark. You can do this by pulling the recoil cord and listening for air puffing out of the plug hole. Place your thumb over the plug hole to and pull the cord, being careful not to touch the spark plug! If you feel air coming out, this means you have compression. No air means you have compression issues. Give us a call today and we will proudly come to you, help diagnose the issue, and fix it for you!

Snowblower Choke

Air-to-Fuel Mixture

Regulating the air-to-fuel mixture in the engine by opening and closing the choke valve is the function of the choke on your snowblower. Any issues with this ratio can cause the engine to suffocate - resulting in starting issues. Sometimes the choke on a snowblower stays stuck closed. This strangles the engine. Adjust the choke until the most amount of airflow can make it to the engine! If you're having trouble locating these items on your snowblower or would rather have a professional take a look, give us a call and we'll come fix it!

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